Marcin Wituś
Founder, CEO

Marcin Wituś is a seasoned trader with 14 years of experience. He honed his skills in various financial markets, including stocks, futures, options, and CFD contracts. From 2016 to 2018, he worked as a trader at Citi Bank, specializing in the currency market and options. He also supervised the bank's global position in these markets. Since 2019, Marcin has been the brains behind geco.one, a platform designed for experienced traders. It enables them to conduct transactions involving derivative instruments based on cryptocurrencies, using leverage. This platform is specifically tailored by a seasoned market practitioner for skilled traders. Starting in 2022, Marcin acquired licenses for Geco Capital. This is the only fund available in the European market that allows investment in digital assets in a manner that's both traditional and familiar for less experienced investors.
Jarosław Stankiewicz
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Accomplished executive with a profound comprehension of the blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape, underscored by my pivotal role in co-founding the esteemed cryptocurrency venture, Geco.one. Possessing a wealth of expertise in management, leadership, communications, public relations, and strategic business acumen, I am recognized as a stalwart figure in the City of London's managerial echelons. My immersion in the genesis of a prominent crypto endeavor has endowed me with an authentic grasp of the intricacies of both the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology.
Martin Cebula
AML Officer

‍Experienced professional in the field of blockchain, crypto, cashless payments and AML with many years of practise in top companies such BitBay, InPost, Dotpay. Designer of payments solutions for the biggest network of unattended parcel lockers – InPost. Advisor to fintech projects focused on delivering to the market a convenien way of using mob app, stable tokens to instant transfers of funds via blockchain and ATMs. Practise in running companies in Poland, Estonia, Malta, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Luxemburg and acquiring financial licenses in selected countries.
Sylwia Gałązka
Director of International Client Relations

Experienced Director with over twenty years of experience in the banking sector, gained at BRE Bank and Raiffeisen Bank Polska, where she reached the highest levels of management. During her career, she was responsible for many prestigious projects and high-value clients. Following her success in the banking sector, she took on the role of managing director in the industrial sector, responsible for financial supervision and economic affairs.Due to her involvement with the largest banks and investment fund companies in Poland and Europe, she not only gained valuable experience but also soft skills, which are crucial in managing people and complex projects. All of this contributed to Sylwia's success in building effectively functioning structures in GECO GROUP.
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