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A cryptocurrency asset manager for the crypto-driven future

The world is constantly changing and digital transformation is one of the fundamental drivers. Investors who want to build prominent financial businesses must make sure their legacy will withstand the test of time
In the quickly changing digital economy, Geco Capital helps to create a stable future right now

Your capital invested in the digital economy

Digital Economy transforms services and businesses at breakneck speed with cryptocurrency at its core. Invest your capital in the digital world of tomorrow.

Financial legacy lies in blockchain

GecoCapital makes investments in various cryptocurrency projects, so investors can build a diverse, solid and enduring financial heritage.

Portfolio of the future

Investors are looking for possibilities to secure their portfolios by investing in all the businesses, ideas and assets that are lying at the heart of the digital economy - NEW ECONOMY.
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Why Investors chooseGeco Capital

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Geco Capital, the crypto asset manager in Europe, is a reliable partner for every investor interested in cryptocurrencies and the digital economy.
We are regulated by the Estonian FSA - Financial Supervisory Authority
Thanks to this investment fund, anyone can start investing in digital assets by purchasing funds units.
Geco Capital is an investment fund with insight into innovations with development potential in the digital economy.

Our Products

The current fund is actively managed, focusing on investing in the large-cap digital assets

Digital Large Cap Fund

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more funds coming soon...

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Digital Economy and innovations help us to make good predictions of the mid & long-term future.